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Latest landscape photographs by author of PHOTOGRAPHING NORTH WALES Simon Kitchin. The gallery includes photos taken around his local area North Wales and further afield

Spring mists swirl above Nant Gwynant

spring mists n nant gwynant snowdonia north wales

The Snowdonia peaks rising above the mist in Nant Gwynant

snowdonia misty morning photo in nant gwynant

A river of mist at Nant Gwynant

nant gwynant misty morning photo snowdonia national park north wales

Misty Snowdonia morning in Nant Gwynant

snowdonia photos misty nant gwynant sunrise

Glyderau misty sunrise

photo of the glyderau mountains at sunrise and the morning mists

Sunrise lights the Snowdonia peaks above a misty Nant Gwynant

sunrise photo of a misty nant gwynant in snowdonia north wales

Nant Gwynant spring morning mist

nant gwynant mist photo snowdonia north wales

Spring reflections at Llyn Cwm Ffynnon

llyn cwm Ffynnon crib goch and snowdon reflections photo

Snowdon and Crib Goch from Llyn Cwm Ffynnon

snowdon and crib goch photos from llyn cwm ffynnon in snowdonia

Llyn Cwm Ffynnon reflections of Snowdon and Crib Goch

Llyn Cwm Ffynnon reflections of Snowdon and Crib Goch

Llyn Cwm Ffynnon

llyn cwm ffynnon reflections of snowdon and crib goch snowdonia

Sunshine over the Llanberis Pass

Llanberis Pass snowdonia north wales the route to snowdon

Morning mist above Nant Gwynant

nant gwynant mist sunrise photo snowdonia spring valley

Welsh Mountains Goats in misty Cwm Idwal

welsh mountain goats cwm idwal photo snowdonia north wales ogwen

Welsh Mountain Goats roaming Cwm Idwal

A photo of welsh mountain goats in cwm Idwal snowdonia

Mountain goats brave the rain in Cwm Idwal

cwm idwal mountain goats photo

Spring afternoon light on Tryfan

tryfan waterfall cwm idwal snowdonia photo

Rain clouds descend on Cwm Idwal

cwm idwal snowdonia rainy day

Moody day at Nant Francon

nant francon photo cloudy moody weather day

A burst of light in the Glyderau mountains

Photo of Y garn in the Glyderau mountains Snowdonia