Landscape Photography & Snowdonia Workshops by Simon Kitchin | Moody spring day in Snowdonia for my group photography workshop

Moody spring day in Snowdonia for my group photography workshop

April 01, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Today was another of my Snowdonia photography workshops and the weather started out rather wet and moody. I arrived early in Cwm Idwal to have a wander myself and the rain was on and off. I was lucky to spot several of the local Welsh Mountain Goats roaming the hillside making some more unusual foreground interest with the misty backdrop of Pen Yr Ole Wen behind. Fortunately once the group had arrived the rain receded and the weather improved so we had some excellent moody light creating bags of atmosphere. Here's a selection of photos I too during the workshop.

welsh mountain goats cwm idwal photo snowdonia north wales ogwenWelsh Mountains Goats in misty Cwm IdwalWelsh Mountain goats roam the hills around cwm Idwal, captured here on a rainy spring morning with the Ogwen valley swirling with mist cwm idwal snowdonia rainy dayRain clouds descend on Cwm IdwalRain clouds move into cwm Idwal creating bags of atmosphere, it's almost as though someone has closed the roof! tryfan waterfall cwm idwal snowdonia photoSpring afternoon light on TryfanA photo of Tryfan on a spring afternoon


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