Adobe Photoshop 2021 problems - this might be the solution

November 03, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

So the new version of Photoshop is out and there's quite a few new features added. For landscape photography I guess perhaps the most interesting one, depending on your ethics, is the "Sky Replacement" tool. 
Whilst I'll probably not use it, Photoshop have certainly made it easier than ever to drop in a more interesting sky, although whilst the process might be easy matching the light and "feel" of the foreground remains challenging.

Just a heads up before you upgrade though, the new version is more demanding on your PC, especially your graphics card. If your current one is over 4yrs old it's unlikely to be up to the job. You'll soon know as you get the dreaded error "Could not complete your request" and whilst you can disable GPU support Photoshop runs painfully slow so basically factor in around £200 for a new GPU... I'm just awaiting delivery of mine!

If anyone does find the need  of a new graphics card I can recommend the Gigabyte Geforce GTX "Mini".... not nearly as expensive as the top gaming cards but still runs Photoshop comfortably, has 2 HDMI ports if you run 2 monitors and also it's fine if you only have a 300W PSU, no need to upgrade that too as you would with the higher end graphics cards. It's also pretty small so should fit in pretty much any case, just needs 2 "knockouts" where the PCI-E slot is.


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