A day exploring the River Dee on the LifeDeeRiver project

February 27, 2021

 Yesterday was my first day working on the LifeDeeRiver project with Natural Resources Wales, with the main plan being to find the most photogenic stretches of the Dee between Carrog and Bala. With lots of ground to cover I decided an early start was definitely a good idea so the alarm was set and sunrise at Carrog decided upon.

Driving through the darkness of early morning small pockets of mist appeared and disappeared which got me a little excited that a misty sunrise  in the Dee Valley at Carrog might be awaiting me, what a bonus for my first visit to this location that would be. I arrived nice and early, a good 40 minutes before sunrise, and the river was shrouded in mist, swirling around the quaint buildings making up the small village of Carrog.

I walked the viewpoints and decided on the bridge across the Dee as my first shot, the Dee was in partial flood and ripping through the valley so the noise on the bridge, shrouded in mist, was a little eerie as I awaited the sunrise. As things turned out the mist was pretty persistent, hovering around the village, swamping the rising sun and shrouding the Berwyn mountains in the distance. Patience paid off though and as it started to lift I took this shot of the wide flow of the River Dee passing below the village buildings of Carrog. A 3 stop ND filter just lengthened the exposure to flatten out the ripples in the river... my first photo for the LifeDeeRiver project sorted and the rest of the day to walk the riverside views heading towards Bala.

if you’d like to know more about the LifeDeeRiver project checkout the website:



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