Day 2 of the LifeDeeRiver project - Erbistock to Chester location scouting

March 05, 2021

Today was my 2nd day working on the LifeDeeRiver project with Natural Resources Wales and today’s plans was to scout possible photo locations between Erbistock and Chester. As before lots of mileage to cover today so the alarm went off early again and I’d decided to catch the sunrise at Bangor on Dee. 

On the way the cloud cover looked a little heavier than had been forecast, nothing unusual there, so I wasn’t overly optimistic of catching some morning colour in the sky but one thing you learn as a landscape photographer in the UK is never say never!

I arrived plenty early again and after a short wander around the riverside it was quickly apparent that the view from the bridge over the River Dee was the best option, the sun was rising behind the church so the composition from here definitely worked. Camera setup it was just a waiting game, with fingers crossed. Fortunately my luck was in and some light made it through the clouds to add some colour to the sky.


For more information on the LifeDeeRiver project visit the website:

Bangor on Dee sunrise LifeDeeRiver projectBangor on Dee LifeDeeRiver project LifeDeeRiver project Bangor on Dee sunrise