Stunning Snowdon sunrise and temperature inversion

December 20, 2021  •  1 Comment

 Snowdonia at it's most stunning today... set the alarm for 4.00am as the weather had forecast the chance of a temperature inversion and having never seen one before from Snowdon summit I didn't want to miss the chance. It was a 2 hr trek in the dark up the Pyg Track from Pen Y Pass and all the time I could see the approaching cloud getting closer and closer to the Snowdonia peaks.... it definitely looked promising! I reached the top of the Pyg Track and headed towards Crib Goch to search for the best viewpoint to catch the rising sun next to Snowdon and what now had become an amazing cloud inversion, truly Mother Nature at her best. I took several photos of the sunrise and then headed up to Snowdon summit itself where I had the summit pillar all to myself so chance to setup the tripod and take a couple of photos of the summit pillar and the amazing backdrop of the cloud inversion. Views across to Crib Goch were equally as impressive, the clouds almost like waves lapping on the shore, occasionally streaming over the ridge. I real day to remember, my first cloud inversion on snowdon summit and a stunning sunrise to match it.


Snowdon sunrise inversion from Crib Goch Snowdonia North WalesStunning Snowdon sunrise and temperature inversionAn amazing Snowdon sunrise and temperature inversion from Crib Goch looking across to Snowdon summit in the Snowdonia National Park snowdon summit snowdonia inversion photo North Wales mountainsSnowdon summit above the cloudsA breathtaking temperature inversion from the summit of Snowdon way above the clouds snowdon summit inversion snowdonia mountains crib goch photoSnowdon temperature inversionA panoramic sunrise photograph from the slopes of Crib Goch during a stunning temperature inversion below Snowdon summit Crib Goch temperature inversion from Snowdon summitCrib Goch temperature inversion from SnowdonThe view of Crib Goch from Snowdon photographed during a stunning morning temperature inversion in the Snowdonia National Park Crib Goch temperature inversion from Snowdon in black & whiteCrib Goch clouds in monoAn amazing temperature inversion on Crib Goch in Snowdonia National Park North Wales. A black & white photo pyg track sunrise snowdon cloud inversion in snowdonia national parkSunrise from the top of the Pyg TrackA stunning sunrise and cloud inversion at the top of the Pyg Track route to Snowdon summit snowdon sunrise cloud inversion from Crib Goch in SnowdoniaAwaiting sunrise above the clouds at SnowdonA show taken waiting for the sunrise on the flank of Crib Goch looking across to Wales's highest mountain Snowdon in the Snowdonia Nationals Park in North Wales


Sally Hughes(non-registered)
Absolutely glorious photos, what a wonderful spectacle, perfect timing!! Thank you for sharing them with us!!
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